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Hey, It’s Candace Byrd Davis. Today in my YouTube Rewind 2017 Video, I’m giving you a glimpse into my personal life and a little foreshadowing into the excitement of the future. I hope you enjoy it!

This year has taught me to let go. Of everything.

The wall is coming down. My YouTube channel is being re-vamped. I’m literally getting rid of everything that binds me to 2017.

A big thing that I’m learning to let go of is my definition of success for myself because I think for a very long time I didn’t really own it. This year has taught me that there’s one common denominator in my success and my failures, and that’s me. That’s such a liberating feeling because I know that it comes down to me which is why I think I’ve also realized that I have to let go and I am letting go of that lone wolf mentality that keeps so many entrepreneurs stuck feeling like you have to do everything yourself. Because yes, at the end of the day the ideas come from you, the business is from you, but you have to have a team of people that can actually execute so you can be that visionary.

I’ve surrounded myself this year with all of these people that have truly successful businesses and are truly visionaries and leaders of these amazing companies, and they take so much time just to be present and just to do the things that inspire them because that’s what keeps the company innovative and running. Space and time have become just a valuable asset. That’s why I’m really excited because I feel like we’re finally kind of out of the huge hustle and grind mentality. We’re getting to this really nice place, and we’re all understanding that it’s important for us to just be.

Letting go isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, how did I do it?

I think, I actually just surrendered. I kind of was forced into just putting my trust in God. That might sound kind of crazy to some, but I am a believer. It’s been proven time and time again that if you just understand that you’re exactly where you need to be in this very moment, no further ahead, no further behind, and you let go of those expectations and just trust that everything’s divinely lining up for you, that’s when you can actually let go of that anxiety and stress and move into your flow. When you’re in flow, you work your best. That’s when the real good shit happens.

I think I also realized that we’re in this revolution, I feel like, where perfection is really not what people want. They want real. We’re just kind of saying “F**k filters. F**k the false marketing. We want real.” I know that the more authentic I am, the more real I am with people, the more realness I attract. That’s the people I want to work with. I want to work with people who know what they want and are working towards a bigger purpose that’s bigger than themselves and looking perfect at all times and bigger than monetary gains. They actually want to create an impact. That was another huge lesson for me this year. Just show up as yourself and the right people come into your space. Trust the universe and the right things will happen when they need to happen.

Breaking the habit that I have that I built over almost 10 years of being a busybody and feeling like I need to be doing everything all the time and realizing that the most success comes from when I’m just having fun, I feel like I can finally just breathe and have the space to create really amazing ideas and things within the business and work really well with my team. I guess the beauty of being your own boss really lies in letting go.

So, now that I’ve let go, what’s next?

I don’t know. It’s weird. I have this feeling in my tummy that 2018 is going to be a big year. It was like 2017 was the foundation that came with a shit ton of hard lessons and a lot of really great things happened too. I just know there’s more to come.

I feel like 2018 is where things are really going to catapult. I’m just excited to get started again!

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