About Us

About Us

We live in an age where it’s all about pursuing the Impossible and Making it Possible, living for a cause, creating life by design and going with your gut, despite what others say!

That’s how I live my life and how I approach building my businesses as an entrepreneur.

My name is Candace Byrd-Davis.  I am a Wife, a Mother, Business Strategist, Author and a full-time Entrepreneur.  I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  Most people would say that I “grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.”

I was raised in a single-parent household and lived in the projects in my early childhood.  I plainly remember, at a young age, thinking…”Man…What would it be like IF I got a break in life.”

I knew early on that I wanted and needed more out of life.  With that being said, I always strived to do the best and be the best at everything that I did.  I excelled academically through school and was the first to graduate in my family in 27 years.  I was destined to change lives and make my footprint in this world. I was determined to leave a Legacy.

In the fall of 2000, I attended Waynesburg University.  Remember, I wanted to change the world.  So, I elected to major in Elementary Education, with a minor in Child Psychology.  I knew that if I could reach them when they were young and moldable, we would have a much better world and children who would become adults that could make a difference.

Needless to say, life didn’t work out as planned.  My fiancé, who is now my husband for over 15 years, graduated right after my Freshman year in college.  Life changed!  He accepted a position as a Police Officer in the Washington, DC area.  So at that moment, I chose LOVE over my goal of graduating from Waynesburg University.  That was the BEST decision that I ever made.

In the summer of 2001, I married by “Junior High Sweetheart,” Javon Delano Davis and we moved to the Washington, DC area.  Shortly after getting married and moving, we were expecting our first child, Javon Delano Davis, Jr, who was born on April 27, 2002.  With being newly married, moving to a new state, it was time to place school on hold and pursue a career that would produce an amazing income for my new legacy.

With that being said, I entered into the Insurance Industry.  Over the next 8 years, I worked as a multi-lined Licensed Insurance Agent, in Washington DC, for the top three companies in the industry. After 8 years of working in the DC area, I finally decided it was time to move back to the Pittsburgh area and expand my family.

On June 21, 2009, we welcomed our second son, Jiovoni Caiden Ellis Davis.  Now life seemed perfect, except one thing… It was time to pursue my “career” dream…. Owning my own insurance agency.

Over the next two years, I started my own Insurance Brokerage…Through much hard work, determination, blood, sweat and tears…I soon realized that what I thought was my dream was no longer…I found myself thinking,”Wait, Candace! You still have a 9 to 5.  When these employees don’t show up to work, you HAVE to be there.  When they leave work, work follow you home.  I still didn’t have the time freedom that I wanted in building my own brick and mortar business!”  So, that led me to make a decision that would benefit myself, my family and my happiness.  Because my husband Javon had a very good paying job, I could afford the luxury of being an at-home-mom.  I decided to close the insurance agency and make my family my first priority.


In October of 2013, I was introduced into Network Marketing by an old friend of mine.  I truly didn’t know the power of this industry held.  I admit, I played with the industry.  If was fun, it was exciting but at that point, I never truly made any money.  Until one day, I decided that I wanted to make a success out of myself in this industry.  So I bought courses, studied, read, focused on self-development, attended network marketing events and did what needed to be done so that I too can see success.  I mean, come on, so many people were making money so why shouldn’t I.

My first year and a half, I saw more failures than I saw successes.  I made some money, but not the money that I would like to.  Then…and only then… I decided that this is it… I dove in, head first and started seeing the success that I deserved.

That brings me to the present day.  I have failed, I have learned, I have excelled and I have grown.  Now, it is my time to show everyone else the pathways to success.  It is my turn to share in my successes by helping people avoid the failures that my network marketing history possessed.  Now it is time for me to show parents, moms, dads, and entrepreneurs that through mentorship, coaching, and planning how they too can see success much faster than I did but avoiding the mistakes that I made.

At the end of the day, it is all about leaving a legacy.  People may not remember you for your big houses, fancy cars, lavish vacations…but they will remember you for the lives you changed, the families you helped and the LEGACY that you leave.

This industry is a zero excuse industry.  Like I always say, “You can make excuses OR you can make money, BUT you can’t make both!”

Let’s leave a LEGACY and make money my friends!