Own This Season! Success Equals Pain!

Own This Season! Success Equals Pain!

Candace Byrd Davis

Great Morning! Don’t be rude, say it back…

Life is painful! Situations are painful! Circumstances are painful! SUCCESS IS PAINFUL!

You CAN NOT be successful until it is painful! Every doubt, every struggle every tear and every fear…That is confirmation that you have had pain. If you have doubted yourself, If you have struggled with life, If you have cried because of your fears, then stand up! You are ready for success.

A wise man once told me…”There is no success where there are no scars!”

I have battled and struggled, I have fought and I have failed, I have cried and I allowed myself to die! I have scars…But I have also had success too.


I have come to realize.. NOBODY can stop me from WINNING.. The secret formula isn’t THEM! THE SECRET FORMULA IS ME.

WHAT AM I WILLING TO ENDURE? What am I willing to “Go through to get to” the success levels that I desire.

I AM UNSTOPPABLE! MY STORY WILL RETIRE ME FOREVER! i will no longer neglect the chapters in my life. They are being written as we speak.

I OWN THE NEXT 90 DAYS…I have officially made it ‘MY B*TCH!’

Watch what happens when you take ownership of something!