Let Me Be The First To Testify…

Let Me Be The First To Testify…

Your Success May Be Delayed But It Is Never DENIED!


What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.  There is definitely a lesson to be learned from every experience.  For every negative event that happens in life, write down a lesson learned that came from it.  Tough situations make us stronger individuals.

I know all too well the feeling of rejection, failure, lack and discouragement.  I know the feeling as though you are peddling so far and you don’t seem to even be able to tread in water.  Sometimes we feel like we are drowning.  But we aren’t.

You see, the negativity that we feed our own minds is what will condemn us.  Too often we find ourselves listening to negativity when we should block it out.  Sometime the negative people and thoughts is what is hindering your true success.
So your question may be… How can I avoid negativity, not think negative?  How can I escape this feeling of lack when it comes to success?

SIMPLE!  One of the biggest forms of negativity and drama is your cell phone.  Do this!  Take out your cell phone…RIGHT NOW!  Yep NOW!

Look at your last ten calls!  Were the majority of them about business, gossip or negativity?

The content of that conversation… Did you grow you, get you closer to God or make you more money?

Now, do the same with the last ten text messages…. Was it business, gossip or negativity?  Did they grow you, get you closer to God or make you more money?

See, I think that little activity right there showed you how to avoid the biggest distractions that are hindering your growth in this industry and your business.

Let me ask you a serious question!!!
Can you deposit OPINIONS at the bank?  Can the OPINIONS/GOSSIP pay your bills?  If they can, please tell me how!  Being as though they don’t, then why allow them to carry any weight in your life.

Don’t be upset with the results that you are not getting from the changes that you are not making….

To our success,

Candace Byrd Davis “CB3”
<3 <3 <3

Candace Byrd Davis…As Candid As I Can Be… This Is My Story!

Candace Byrd Davis…As Candid As I Can Be… This Is My Story!

Let me take a moment to be transparent!

Too often, people see your glory, but they haven’t heard your story!  They don’t know the struggles, the fears, the tears, the trial and tribulations that you had to go through to get to where you have gotten.

Let me start off by saying, the Network Marketing/Direct Selling industry has been a huge blessing in my life.  As this begins the first post to my new blog, I will share with you all the wins and the losses that I have experienced.  The beauty and the ashes.

You see, much like most of you all reading this blog, I got started in the industry because a friend convinced me that we would get rich.  It’s funny because I can laugh about it now.  But, about three short years ago, she dabbled in this industry with a little $25 program (which I will not name.)

She convinced me to take a look, to see what WE could do together.  Because I believed her, I believed in her.  Well, let me tell you!  All the dreams that were sold to me, were a LIE!

It’s no surprise, I didn’t stay in that company long.  Or should I say, that company didn’t last long.  But at the time, I didn’t care.  I was doing good.  Matter of fact, I was doing great.

BIG house, decent size mortgage, four cars, three car notes, two kids, a dog and a fish.  Life was great.  So when that little “deal” didn’t work out I didn’t sweat it.  I was making almost a MULTIPLE Six-figure income in the Insurance industry, my husband Javon, he had one of the best paying careers in the Pittsburgh area.  He was a Foreman for Consol Energy.  Which meant he traveled 700 feet underground to produce electricity for America.

The money was nice…Very nice!  Nice to the point that we could shop and not have to worry about checking balances, or calculating monthly expenses.  We had it all… Or so it seemed.   One thing, just one key thing that I was lacking in life was TIME.  I was working so hard building the Insurance business that I had NO TIME.

My day went a little like this.  I would wake up at 5am, get myself dressed.  I never had time to sit, to relax.  I remember standing in the bathroom mirror, doing my makeup, curling my hair, drinking a cup of coffee and watching the morning news all at the same time.  Once I got myself together, now it was time to tackle the kids.  You see, at that time, I had an eleven year old and a four year old.

I remember fussing, arguing, and just being frustrated because the boys never seemed to move fast enough in the mornings.  I mean, they acted as though we really had time to spare.  So finally after I would get the boys ready, it was “eat a bowl of cereal” and let’s go.  Hell, I remember times when we didn’t have time for a bowl of cereal.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  So, I would rush them to the car, flying to my in-laws house.  My mother-in-law always made sure to get the oldest on the bus, and the youngest to daycare.

Wow!  I remember times when I couldn’t take two minutes to say two sentences to her.  The off to my office I had to go.  I mean, I had people depending on me for paychecks.  Let alone, my family depending on me for a lifestyle.  I would get to my office at about 8am.  The hustle, the bustle, the stress throughout the day.  I remember closing my office door and just putting my face in the palm of my hands.  By the time I would pick my face up, my mascara would be smeared like a raccoon.  Just tears!  Tears of pain, tears of agony, tears of hatred!

I wasn’t in physical pain!  I didn’t hate anyone!  I hated my business!  I hated that I didn’t have a nine to five.  I had a 9 to 5+5+5+5 more!  My business consumed me.  I worked throughout the day, I worked into the evening.  I remember at times, leaving my office at 7-8pm the earliest.  Only to travel back to my in-laws to collect the kids and head back home.

Geesh!  Hard to believe how life used to be!  I remember getting home.  Flying through the door like a “bat out of hell!”  I mean come on now!  I still had to do homework, make dinner, give the boys baths, read the youngest a story, and then get them to bed.  WOW!  I whole hour and a half!  Man… I felt blessed to squeeze two hours out of my day for my babies.

After some time of this same routine.  My husband finally said to me.  You are always stressed.  You never have time!  I mean heck, he worked 12 to 14 hours days too.  But something that he said to me gave me a release.  He said…”Babe, we make enough money with just my income, why don’t you just stay home!”  WHAT!  Are you serious!  I was a little pissed when he first said this.  You see, I have always been an independent girl, then woman, then a wife.  I always had “MY OWN!”  How dare you say something like….”Wait a Minute!”  Stay home!  Hmmmm!  That didn’t sound like a bad idea!

Long story short, I became a homemaker.  Yikes!  It even sounded weird to say it.  But I loved it.  Ohhh the time that I had to spend with the kids was amazing.  When they were in school, I spent the day with my remote in hand, house cleaned, dinner on the stove cooking by 2pm.  I would hit the internet up and do some “boredom shopping!” And that is when it all started.

You see, I was used to the bags, the shoes, the clothes.  I was used to shopping and not checking my balance.  I mean WE HAD MONEY!  But what Candace Byrd Davis forgot is that she didn’t have HER income coming in.  She didn’t make ZIP, ZILCH, NADA.  But even though I had no income, the shopping bags kept coming in.

So being candid… I cause a huge financial hardship on my family.  One that I tried to hide for too long.  One that caught up to me when I thought that I could keep out running it.  Well, I learned the hard way.  You can’t get out of the hole if you keep digging the hole.

First it started with my beautiful, pearl white, Cadillac CTS.  My special order.  My baby.  The luxury car of my dreams.  You see, I keep shopping but stopped paying this car payment.  I don’t even need to tell you what happened.  The REPO man happened.

I remember Javon asking me…Why did the repo man come get the car while he was at work.  “Were you not paying it!”  Hell, how was I going to fix this?  I lied!  I remember reasoning with him.  “Javon, I told them to come get the car..There is not point in having four cars, three with note payments and only two drivers!”  See what you fail to realize is, I called them alright.  Called them begging to give me options to keep it.  To not repo it!

About two months later, same situation.  But this time with my Black Beauty!  My beautiful one-year-old BMW.  I mean she as SHARP.  One of my prize rides.  I loved her.  But, guess what?  The repo man got her too.  Again, I tried to convince Javon.  We had three cars, two with notes and only two drivers.  Let’s downsize.  No need for all of these vehicles.  RIGHT?

Now… Here is where the “stuff” really hit the fan.  Here is where live seemed to come to a screeching halt.  Javon was off one day, sick from work, and a knock came at the door.  Why did I think that I could escape everything?  Why did I feel that nothing would ever happen?  As we were snuggled up on the couch, watching TV, we heard tap, tap, tap on the door.  Scared, I jumped up, peeked through the blinds but didn’t see any vehicles in the driveway.  So, I made my way over to the door and opened it up… Then BAM!  Reality hit me!  How could I be so stupid.

Yep, that it.  I am done!  The Sheriff was at the door.  Serving me wit Foreclosure papers.  Ouch! Wow! Shoot!  How do I explain this?  I couldn’t.  I mean, there was no way of even trying to lie at this point.  So I fessed up!  I did it.  I had a shopping fetish!  I spent too much money.  I didn’t pay bills but bought a purse, shoes, clothes.  I was about to be homeless, but damn I at least would have been dressed nice.  I mean it is something that I can joke about now, but it was no joking matter then.  Dang!  I just lost two cars and now about to lose a house.  What else did I have to lose for my family!  I new for a fact, this was the “straw that broke the camels back!”

If I didn’t save my house, I wouldn’t have had a marriage.

It’s crazy how God works.  You see, I believe in “DUE SEASON” and November 23rd, 2014 was my due season.  The same day the Sheriff knocked, my phone rang.

On the other end of the line was a smart, fly, 26 year old guy that I new from a previous business.  He was just so excited, so ready and all he kept saying is “Candace, I think I found it.  I think I found a way for us all to win!”

::Laughing:: Yeah ok… Well, he proceeded to tell me all about this Health and Wellness company called Total Life Changes.  Listen, I didn’t want to hear this crap!  I been in the “so-called” amazing industry and lost more money than I ever made.  I wasn’t interested, but this man wouldn’t take NO for an answer.  So, to be honest, I told him “YES” just to get him off of my phone.  I had “bigger fish to fry!”  I had my home to save…

Fast forward, I utilized these products: Iaso Tea, NutraBurst, HcG, etc and I started to lose weight QUICKLY.  You see, that is something that was not normal to me.  As I stood 5’3 and weighted 257lbs, I had already tried everything in the world.  It was crazy that this worked.  I was losing weight, I was getting healthy.

It’s sad to say, that I was to a real point of desperation.  A point where I had nothing left to possibly do to save my home BUT to try to sell some tea.  Lord, I knew, I just knew this was going to be a failed attempt.  But all I could do is pray…  Lord, I thank you for answering prayers.

Never seeing success before, my point of desperation turned into motivation.  I need money, I needed to save my home.  I sold tea, I called people, I posted on social media, I shared my scale photos, I talked to everyone who was in arms reach… And in doing so, I made $986 my first say selling this Detox Tea.  I continued on in my first month making over $14,000!  HOLY SMOKES!

What would happen if I kept going?  What would happen if I didn’t quit like I did all the others?  Wow!  I never made this kind of money online.  Then, it became an addiction.  I pushed, I pulled, I willed myself to success.

It’s sad that we have to trade time for a check before we see the value of time freedom.  We have to go broke before we see the benefit of financial freedom!  We have to get desperate before we see our own drive and determination.  But I was all of that!  But I became all of this.

Once a skeptic, now a multiple SIX-FIGURE earner in a year!  All because I allowed desperation and the lack of freedom to motivate me.

Don’t wait til you get to the point of desperation just to get that motivation.  If you have been beat up, bruised, maybe even bamboozled by the industry, all I ask you to do is GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY!

You deserve it!  Your family deserves it!  Grab the Home Business industry by the horn and OWN IT!  It’s yours!  But what are you willing to do to keep it, to win it, to own it!  What are you willing to sacrifice?