Your Success May Be Delayed But It Is Never DENIED!


What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.  There is definitely a lesson to be learned from every experience.  For every negative event that happens in life, write down a lesson learned that came from it.  Tough situations make us stronger individuals.

I know all too well the feeling of rejection, failure, lack and discouragement.  I know the feeling as though you are peddling so far and you don’t seem to even be able to tread in water.  Sometimes we feel like we are drowning.  But we aren’t.

You see, the negativity that we feed our own minds is what will condemn us.  Too often we find ourselves listening to negativity when we should block it out.  Sometime the negative people and thoughts is what is hindering your true success.
So your question may be… How can I avoid negativity, not think negative?  How can I escape this feeling of lack when it comes to success?

SIMPLE!  One of the biggest forms of negativity and drama is your cell phone.  Do this!  Take out your cell phone…RIGHT NOW!  Yep NOW!

Look at your last ten calls!  Were the majority of them about business, gossip or negativity?

The content of that conversation… Did you grow you, get you closer to God or make you more money?

Now, do the same with the last ten text messages…. Was it business, gossip or negativity?  Did they grow you, get you closer to God or make you more money?

See, I think that little activity right there showed you how to avoid the biggest distractions that are hindering your growth in this industry and your business.

Let me ask you a serious question!!!
Can you deposit OPINIONS at the bank?  Can the OPINIONS/GOSSIP pay your bills?  If they can, please tell me how!  Being as though they don’t, then why allow them to carry any weight in your life.

Don’t be upset with the results that you are not getting from the changes that you are not making….

To our success,

Candace Byrd Davis “CB3”
<3 <3 <3