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I know… You want to know how I reversed my acne scaring and hyper-pigmentation in one week.  Well, it an amazing pharmaceutical grade skincare product called Skincerity which is available with the Toal Life Changes product line.

So before I share my results with you let me tell you a little about my problems with acne.  I am so excited!  I Finally an opportunity to end severe acne and the horrific scarring that follows along with it.

My name is Candace Byrd Davis.  I am a 36 year-old wife and mother who unfortunately has the skin of a teenager.  I remember how years ago, my confidence was always an issue because of my acne.  I never felt beautiful!  How could I?

Waking up every morning with BIG red bumps, cystic acne and the scars left behind from popping them.  Yes! I was a popper.  As the years went on, the scaring got worse.  The pores got so deep that I would refer to them as “craters” in my face.

I could remember crying because of how “ugly” I was.  So, long story short, I finally opted to have Laser Fraxel and CO2 resurfacing done on my skin.  Yes, I was hit with two powerful lasers in an attempt to have clear skin.  The pain was almost unbearable but I know I had to endure it for an ending result.

Well, that result wasn’t what I was hoping for.  After healing, it was determined that the laser has reached so deep into my layers of skin that it permanently damaged my face causing hyper-pigmentation on a whole new level.

So years of using Proactiv, Murad, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro and so many prescription and non-prescription products, I determined that their claims were all false. NOTHING WORKED UNTIL NOW.

On August 23, 2017, my company Total Life Changes, launched a new skincare line with Nucerity.  I was excited but skeptical about this new product.  But let me allow you to see these results for yourself.

Watch this short video and let me know what you thought about my results in the comments below.